We are the premier Internet, privacy and cellular phone attorneys in the Nation. We stay ahead of changes in technology, business, education and social media. As our clients’ legal, business and personal needs are transformed by technology, the Internet, and social media, we provide our clients the tools to meet their changing, novel needs. Evolve with us.

Education, Internet Technologies and Privacy

We enable educational institutions to (1) navigate the complexities of Internet and Cellular technology and use; (2) develop clear electronic privacy policies; (3) stay abreast of court decisions and legislative developments in the fields of electronic privacy, the Internet and social media that may impact Universities and their administrators, faculty and students; and (4) teach faculty, administrators and students the legal implications from Internet, social media and cellular use, on and off campus.

Developments and Trends in Privacy, Internet and Cellular Law

SilverMcKenna's website provides updated analysis of the latest trends, decisions and news from the federal and state courts, Congress, the White House, Canada and Europe, and from the electronic surveillance/privacy industry.

Internet, Social Media, Smartphone or Digital Data Problems?

We handle a wide range of Internet, cellular, technology, and privacy-related legal and regulatory matters for businesses and corporate clients, local, state and federal governments, institutional and educational clients, and individuals.

Maryland Computer Privacy Law Attorney

SILVERMCKENNA is the Internet and Privacy Law Group of Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White | LLC (STSW) a firm nationally renowned for its impressive array of veteran civil and criminal attorneys and its broad range of practice areas. Comprised of select STSW partners and senior associates, the SILVERMCKENNA practice group members effectively, economically, and decisively handle a wide range of Internet, cellular, technology, intellectual property, digital copyright, and privacy-related legal and regulatory matters for private, corporate, government, institutional and educational clients around the globe.

Our attorneys collectively bring to clients a range of expertise not found in any other firm or Internet and privacy practice group. Staffed with the legal scholars, litigators, academics, legal authors, a former Assistant United States’ Attorney, and former appellate Judge Joseph F. Murphy, Jr., we are the experts that federal and state courts and legislators turn to when faced with Internet, technology and privacy legal issues. We are uniquely equipped to identify and solve any legal matter involving computers, the Internet, cellular devices, and electronic privacy issues. Our attorneys are experts in federal and state legislation involving the Internet, cell phones, electronic tracking, and privacy, and we routinely represent businesses and individuals in federal and state court cases in these practice areas.

STSW Partner, Anne McKenna, chairs SILVERMCKENNA. She is a distinguished attorney, civil litigator, author of multiple legal treatises, lecturer and adjunct professor with two decades of litigation experience. As co-author of Wiretapping & Eavesdropping: Surveillance in the Internet Age, 3rd Ed.;Wiretapping & Eavesdropping, 2nd Ed.,; and Jones on Evidence, 7th Ed., and Cybercrime Law Report, Anne is one of the nation’s leading and most frequently cited experts in Internet, computer and cellular electronic surveillance law and privacy law. She and her partners and associates bring unparalleled skill, talent and industry name recognition to every client in every case in this dynamic and rapidly evolving area law and technology.

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